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The Show Drafts the Best Snacks From Their Childhood

A new Bobby Bones Show draft happened this morning! Today's draft (June 10) was the best snacks from our childhood! Whoever loses this round has to sit out in the next draft, AND has to post a picture of them sucking their thumb with no context on their personal Instagram page.

We're doing things different this time, you only know which team is which if you listened/watched the show! So now you can vote simply based on the team rather than the person!

The show had to pick best snacks from our childhood!

Team 1:

  • Round 1: Lunchables
  • Round 2: Bagel Bites
  • Round 3: Squeezit

Team 2:

  • Round 1: Hot Pockets
  • Round 2: Pringles
  • Round 3: Capri Sun

Team 3:

  • Round 1: Pop-Tarts
  • Round 2: Twinkies
  • Round 3: Animal Crackers

Team 4:

  • Round 1: Easy Cheese
  • Round 2: Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Round 3: Uncrustables  

Team 5:

  • Round 1: Gushers
  • Round 2: Dunkaroos
  • Round 3: Fla-Vor-Ice

Amy was out because she lost the last draft. Now we need your help, who has the best draft picks? Help us by voting below! Whoever loses will have to deal with a punishment in studio.