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Bobby Shares the Show’s Latest Rejected Segments

Every day the Bobby Bones Show shares various segments on air. Those segments come from everyone on the show sending in ideas via text message or email. Some of the segments never make the air, and they might just turn into a rejected segment.

Today (June 13), Bones shared his rejected segments from the past several weeks. Check them all out below!

  • Lunchbox got annoyed with his wife for over exaggerating her back pain recently. He was frustrated she kept moaning every time she moved, so he recorded audio of it to give her a hard time.
  • Mike D wanted the show to play a game of paintball roulette.
  • Mike D also wanted to do a reverse segment of Employee of the Month, called Worst Employee of the Month.
  • Morgan was in a workout class and another participant was live streaming the whole class, and she was in the background of it.
  • Lunchbox is upset with Sports Illustrated and their choice of models lately.
  • Raymundo wants to have a procedure to remove the skin from his eyelids.
  • Lunchbox had a "spill the tea" over "shady" Scuba Steve
  • Amy was in the bathroom when a stranger asked her to hold their purse while they used the restroom with their child.