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Lunchbox Shares Details About His Family’s Garage Sale

This weekend Lunchbox's wife held the garage sale she's been wanting to have for a few weeks now.

Last week, Lunchbox shared on the Bobby Bones Show that he wasn't crazy about the garage sale because it wasn't a good look for him. Being that he's famous, Lunchbox believed the garage sale would make him look like he wasn't rich. He thinks having garage sales make people look like they're struggling in some way with finances or their relationship. And he didn't want his neighbors or any listeners to believe that about him.

So when the garage sale happened this weekend, Lunchbox made sure to tell everyone that stopped by that they were not going bankrupt or getting a divorce. Though he added that fans definitely know where he lives now, there were some of them taking pictures of him standing in front of his house. Adding that none of them actually came up to take a photo with him, just of him and his garage sale. He was happy they did actually end up making a couple hundred dollars.