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Amy Wonders if She’s a Helicopter Parent After Situation With Her Son

Recently, Amy's 11-year-old son asked if he could ride his bike to his jiu jitsu practice.

Amy told him that he could, but she was still worried about him because there's an intersection that makes her nervous. So she decided to let him go, but she followed behind him in her car. She kept far enough away that he wouldn't see her. But at one point during his ride, he spotted his mom and waved at her. After that, Amy decided to go back home and told her husband to follow behind him on the way home. Though both Amy and her husband made it back home before he did so he didn't think they were following him.

The Bobby Bones Show debated if it was a helicopter parent move. Bobby Bones said that it wasn't bad, because it shows how much she cares about him. Though at some point, she is going to have to trust him to go by himself. Eddie, who has been dubbed the helicopter parent on the show, said he loved what Amy did. Lunchbox said she was definitely a helicopter parent and needed to let him go be a kid like Lunchbox himself got to be when he was younger.