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Eddie Stepped in as Head Coach for Son’s Basketball Game

Eddie's sons are done playing baseball and now they're playing basketball.

They were about to have their first basketball game when the head coach had to call in sick. That's when all the dads got called in to see who could fill in for the coach. The head coach suggested Eddie as his backup since he's been at every practice and knows what has been going on with the players and the plays. Though Eddie has never coached before.

Eddie agreed to coach and it was a really close game, his team was only down by one basket in the last minute. That's when Eddie called a time out and tried to get the team amped. However, they went back out and weren't able to score. So it was an almost win for the team. And Eddie never wants to coach again, he was stressed out the entire time and he had to spend way too much time yelling. Though his wife said he looked like a natural on the court.