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Brett Eldredge Is With His Dog Edgar: “More Than Ever”

Brett Eldredge's new album Songs About You is out today. He called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about it, and share an update on his dog Edgar.

Songs About You features 12 tracks. Eldredge said he doubled down on the sound he created on his previous record Sunday Drive. Songs About You has big band sounds in it, including horns. He feels like his previous album gave him the confidence to do this new project the way it is. He saw how his fans supported his Sunday Drive album and that sound, so he believed that he could really do what he wanted with Songs About You. Adding that he feels like Songs About You is his best record.

Eldredge celebrated his new album with his record label team by having them all meditate with him and drinking juice/smoothies afterward. He wanted to show them his appreciation for the launch of the record, and shared that his team enjoyed the time together. Eldredge also shared with Bobby Bones that meditating every day has really helped him. He tried everything before turning towards meditation and said it was the only thing that made a big difference in his life.

Fans are always asking Eldredge about his dog Edgar after Edgar retired from the spotlight a few years ago. He said that Edgar is alive and well, and actually spending so much time by Eldredge's side. Eldredge confessed that things were getting too much when he was bringing Edgar on the road with him and up on stage. And Edgar didn't actually like being up on stage, he just looked like it because of all the treats. The fans constantly asked where Edgar was whenever Eldredge couldn't bring him, so he decided to just enjoy Edgar as his dog instead of involving him in all the spotlight. The two of then spend a lot of their time chilling or going on hikes.