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Eddie & Scuba Steve Texted Gavin DeGraw During ‘Elvis’ Weekend

Eddie and Scuba Steve went to Graceland this past weekend for the Elvis movie press tour.

While they were there they met several famous people associated with the movie including Austin Butler and Priscilla Presley. They had a great time and spoke really highly of the new film. One night they went out to a local, famous bar and had a few drinks. A local musician was covering Gavin DeGraw's song "I Don't Want To Be." And Scuba Steve had recently acquired DeGraw's phone number for his upcoming appearance on The Bobby Bones Show.

So after talking about it, Eddie and Scuba Steve thought it would be a great idea to text a video of the musician covering the song to DeGraw at around 10:30 p.m. Surprisingly DeGraw responded a kind "Yeah!!!" But after sharing with the show what they did, everyone felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment. Bobby said they definitely shouldn't have done that because DeGraw's phone number was given to Scuba for professional purposes only.