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Wendy Moten Shares Her Special Connection to Vince Gill

Wendy Moten is no stranger to Nashville and country music, she's toured with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, and Vince Gill. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her career, and perform her song "Come In Out Of The Rain."

Moten launched her career as a pop/R&B artist and has taken some detours into jazz through her career. She shared that Whitney Houston was her nemesis her entire career because record labels were constantly telling her "there's only one Whitney." But then she went on The Voice and was on Blake Shelton's team who encouraged her to be herself. Moten recalled that he let her totally be herself during each of the performances by allowing her to use all of her previous experience. While on The Voice, Moten admitted she became an Internet meme because she fell on stage. She recalled that she fell over the monitor that was placed on the stage, and she broke her hand and her elbow. She had never been injured before that moment, but she didn't cry and kept calm. Thankfully Moten had already performed that night, so all she had to do was go back on stage to address the audience in studio and at home to let them know she was ok. Though Moten is still dealing with the fall today, sharing that she has to go to physical therapy 3 times a week for her hand.

Besides Shelton, Moten has had a special connection to Vince Gill since 2016. He was the one who vouched for her to play The Grand Ole Opry, and since then, the two of them have been incredibly close. They made her cover album together I've Got Ya Covered. Gill produced the project and played guitar on it, he also chose all the songs for the album the day of. Moten admitted she only knew half of the songs he had chosen. She also spent some time on the road with him whenever he wasn't playing with The Eagles. Moten was once a background singer for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, as well as Martina McBride.

Watch Wendy Moten perform her song "Come In Out Of The Rain" below!