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Eric Dodd & Raymundo Release “Baecation PT. 2” With Phone Screener Abby

Back in August of 2019, Eric Dodd released the song "Baecation" featuring Bobby Bones Show's own Raymundo and artist Kelleigh Bannen.

Raymundo was super excited about the song given it was his first time writing and appearing on a track. Fans loved the song so much that 3 years later, Dodd and Raymundo decided to release a "Baecation Pt. 2." This time they did the song featuring Raymundo and phone screener Abby. The song has a different vibe than the original "Baecation," but Raymundo said the songs are connected. During the first song, Raymundo was only a boyfriend to Bae, who inspired the song. But for this second song, Raymundo is in a new season of life where he's Bae's husband.

This was phone screener Abby's first time being a feature/background vocal on a song and she's super excited about how it turned out.