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Amy’s Daughter Asked the Definition of a “Sugar Daddy”

Amy shared that her daughter Stachira has been allowed to take over the Instagram account for their cat Maggie. She gets to post any photos of Maggie that she wants, just no photos of herself.

In order to access Maggie's Instagram page, Stachira has to go through Amy's Instagram page. When she was going through Amy's page, she was in the direct messages and saw a message from a "Sugar Daddy." The message read something to the effect of "Hey are you looking for a wealthy sugar daddy? I'll pay you $3500 weekly." And Stachira is all about making money so when she saw that message, she had to ask her mom what a "Sugar Daddy" is.

Amy explained to Stachira that there can also be a "Sugar Mommy" out there. Adding that there are younger people out there who are sugar babies and are paid to hang out with the older individual. She told Stachira that it's not for her, or for their family. Amy admitted she told Stachira that she's her "Sugar Mom" in trying to explain it the best way possible. She was just trying to explain in a situation that was definitely unexpected and interesting. Stachira understood right away and said she will stay away from any of those messages. She wants to be self sufficient and take care of herself.