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Lunchbox Thinks Bobby Is Being Scammed by Listener

This past weekend, Bobby Bones had his Comedically Inspired shows at the CMA theater.

He had a hatch print made for the show, which is a cool poster that fans could buy as a memorable thing to take home with them. At the end of each night, he would stick around on stage for a bit to sign things like the hatch print and take pictures with fans. One fan had Bones sign their hatch print, but then apparently it got stolen. The fan shared on the BTeam Facebook page that they went to Luke Bryan's bar on Broadway after the show. The security guards wouldn't allow her to take in the signed poster, but they would hold onto it for her. She left it with them, but then it got stolen.

Lunchbox saw the post on the BTeam page and thinks the fan is trying to scam Bones. He said there's no way the bar wouldn't let her bring in the poster. But not only that, he didn't believe anyone would want to steal a signed poster by Bones. He thinks the fan saw others getting their hatch print signed and wished it was them. So they made up this story in hopes that Bones would send them a signed hatch print, even though they didn't have one to begin with. Bones said that regardless it's super easy for him to get a hatch print from the show, sign it, and send it to the fan. He says if it's a scam, then it's a scam of someone wanting his signature which is ok by him.