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Patriotic PIMPINJOY Line Raises Nearly $100K for Building Homes for Heroes

The Bobby Bones Show teams up with Building Homes for Heroes every year to help a veteran get a more accessible place to live. Currently, the show has a new PIMPINJOY line showing off red, white, and blue.

This year, Building Homes for Heroes is going to help make a home more accessible for Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Anthony Thompson, his wife Ivonne, and their son AJ. During his second deployment, Thompson sustained life altering injuries. He was involved in a situation with a SVBIED (Suicide Vehicle Borne IED). The explosion caused Thompson to land on the concrete rubble where he sustained a spinal cord injury, and a severe traumatic brain injury. According to Ivonne, and his son AJ, Thompson is very healthy now. However, he is very limited. He's unable to speak or do anything for himself, and he is on a strict diet through a feeding tube. When Thompson was involved in the explosion, she was 20 weeks pregnant. It was only 5 months later that she gave birth to their son AJ. Because the explosion happened before AJ's birth, that's the only way he's ever seen his father and knows nothing different. Ivonne shared that AJ is their reason to keep going and always look for the silver lining in situations.

With the new PIMPINJOY line, The Bobby Bones Show and their listeners have been able to raise almost $100,000 to help make the Thompson family's home more accessible. Though they're not stopping yet, anyone can still purchase one of these PIMPINJOY items with all proceeds going to Building Homes for Heroes for the Thompson family.