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Lady A Perform The Biggest Hits From Their 16-Year Career

Lady A has been a band for over 16 years now. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their new song "Summer State of Mind," and perform some of the biggest hits in their career.

With their long history, the group has definitely learned the keys to working the best as a band. They have put in a lot of work over the years to ensure they always have respect for one another and see the opportunities they get as a band. They've gotten to a point where if one of them is struggling, the other two help pick them up and vice versa. They admitted it does feel like a marriage, but after 16 years it's a marriage they know like the back of their hand. One thing they've really enjoyed about being in a band is the ability to still live somewhat anonymous lives on their own. The group shared that whenever they're out in public together as a band, they get recognized a lot more. And Charles tends to get the brunt end of the initial recognition because he's so 6'6". But whenever they're separated from one another, the recognition doesn't happen nearly as often like they've seen happen with Thomas Rhett and Luke Bryan. Adding that Nashville is a great city to live in, because everyone is really cool about artists being out living their lives.

Hillary shared that her relationship with fame has definitely changed over the years. As she's gotten older, she considers all of the opportunities associated with Lady A as a privilege and honor. She does her best to take the big platform she has very seriously to be a good example to her kids. Admitting that the more normal her life gets to be, the happier she is. She likes going to run errands and shopping at Target. And she enjoys when fans come up to her in public and have good conversations with her.

The group also shared they all play a role being in Lady A. Charles is the one who is most likely to get upset if a show doesn't go as planned. Though Dave is known to be the most even-keeled, he admitted he gets upset whenever technical things go wrong during a show. Also, Charles is known for constantly wanting a cough drop. He confessed he always carries a handful with him, and he uses them often to keep his voice ready. He also found that doing push ups, vocal warm ups, and drinking hot tea before a show help him perform the best. There were two songs that Lady A wrote and felt they weren't going to be anything special, and that was their hits "Need You Now" and "Run To You." With "Need You Now," it was the second song they wrote that particular day and they wrote it in about an hour and a half. When they took it to their label meeting, their team told them that was the song they needed to record in studio.

Fast forward to now, Lady A is constantly putting out hits and are international stars. For the celebration of their new song "Summer State of Mind" and the first day of summer, they brought a snow cone truck with them to the studio. The new song was written by Hillary, Dave, and a few other songwriters. It turns out Charles had to miss this particular writing session because he had a sick kid and now he's really bummed about missing it since it's their new song.

Currently Lady A is on their Request Line Tour, where fans can call the hotline and request songs that Lady A might end up playing in their set. Bobby requested them to play his top 3 songs of theirs: "Need You Now," "You Look Good," and "American Honey." Watch their performance of the songs below!