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Craig Campbell Shares Details About His New Coffee Shop Grindstone Cowboy

Craig Campbell stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform some of his big hits, and talk about his new venture, a coffee shop!

Grindstone Cowboy is the name of Campbell's new coffee shop just outside of Nashville in Eagleville, TN. The idea for the coffee shop started because Campbell and his wife wanted something for their daughters. He wanted them to always have a place with a stage that they could get on, and not have to ask for permission. Campbell recalled when he was younger that he always had to find ways to get on stage to perform, and he wanted it to be a little easier for his daughters. The coffee shop doubles as a venue, it can hold up to 55 people for performances. They will open up in the morning and close down around 4 p.m. for a quick switch over before the shop turns into the music venue.

While it is a coffee shop, Campbell confessed he and his wife didn't actually know anything about coffee before starting the shop. They just really love coffee. The new venture has caused them to be in some debt, Campbell admitted. But he believes they can pay off everything in 2 years because the shop is doing better than they expected. Campbell is at the shop often and was actually there before he stopped by for the interview on the Bobby Bones Show today. The shop's name came from Campbell overhearing a conversation where he thought someone said the term "Grindstone Cowboy" instead of "Rhinestone Cowboy," and from there they just rolled with it. Now Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots want to play the venue for charity, and Campbell is all about it.

This year Campbell is touring with Cody Johnson, as well as doing some of his own shows. Watch his acoustic performance of his hit songs "Outta My Head," "Keep Them Kisses Comin'," "Outskirts of Heaven," and his cover of "Killin' Time."