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Bobby Shares Moral Dilemma He’s in With Radio Hall of Fame Vote

A few years ago, Bobby Bones became the youngest person inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Since being inducted, he was given a vote that he can place each year for one of the inductees.

This year, Bones has yet to place his vote and found himself in a moral dilemma. He was being asked if he wanted to vote for an inductee who previously said some very unkind things about him. Years ago this inductee went on their radio show and stated that Bones only does charity work with St. Jude for the publicity. It was really hurtful to Bones, who spent years of his childhood in the hospital. He worked with St. Jude so that children and families never face situations like he did in his youth.

So when Bones was asked if he wanted to vote for this specific inductee, he wasn't sure if he should say yes and not hold a grudge against the person. Or if he should say no, and let karma do what it does. Lunchbox told him he should definitely vote no, while Amy and Eddie said he should be the bigger person and vote yes.

Ultimately, Bones decided to vote yes, because he doesn't think people should be canceled for past behavior.