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Lunchbox’s Kids Are Fighting Over Bobby’s New Children’s Book

Bobby Bones new children's book Stanley The Dog: The First Day of School is a huge hit in Lunchbox's house.

Two of Lunchbox's kids have apparently been fighting over who gets to sleep with the book at night. Lunchbox brought audio of the boys' fight to The Bobby Bones Show, though the show thinks Lunchbox may have been an instigator in the situation. The audio let us hear how both of the boys wanted to hold the book, and when one took it, the other started crying. Lunchbox brought the audio to the show in hopes that Bones would give him another free book so the kids no longer had to fight.

While Amy and Eddie encouraged Lunchbox to go buy another book since he already got one for free, Bones said he would give him another one so that he doesn't make his kids fight anymore for show audio.