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Lunchbox Nearly Hit On His Bike by Driver on Their Phone

For the last few weeks, Lunchbox has been riding his bike to work on some days to save money on gas.

Things have been going great, he's been saving money and getting a good workout in. The show was worried about him riding his bike because of all the careless drivers in a big city like Nashville. Turns out their worries were warranted after the story Lunchbox shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (June 29). He was riding his bike home from work when a person on their phone turned and nearly turned right into Lunchbox. He had to yell "HEY" and swerve out of the way so the person wouldn't hit him.

When Lunchbox swerved, he fell into the grass. Because of his quick actions and turning into the grass, he didn't have any injuries. However, it could have been much worse.