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Abby’s First Gig With the Band Got Rescheduled

Yesterday, Phone Screener Abby shared some exciting news that she is joining a band in Nashville!

Abby originally moved to Nashville years ago to chase her dream of being an artist. A lot of life has happened since then, but Abby still loves singing and it's a passion of hers. One of her friend's reached out and said there's a band in Nashville looking for a female lead singer. She met with the band, and she's going to do her first gig with them tomorrow. The band has two male lead singers, and Abby will be the female lead singer. Her first gig with the band was supposed to happen yesterday at Ole Red in the Nashville airport. Unfortunately one of the other lead singers got sick and lost his voice. So they had to cancel the gig and reschedule for a later date.

She was super bummed that her first gig got rescheduled, but is still excited to be part of the band.