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Luke Bryan Recalls Getting Hit by Car in 4th Grade

Luke Bryan just released a new song called "Country On." He stopped By The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the project as well as share if a rumor on the Internet is true, and talk about that random baby he was performing with on stage recently.

Whenever Bryan isn't performing on stage, he's spending time with his family, writing songs or traveling the country. Recently he took a helicopter across the country so that he could see the country from a different perspective. Flying across the country was a total of 12 hours, but they broke the trip up over 4 days. He saw wild horses running and said it was one of the most spectacular things he's ever seen. They also were able to stop and fish out of a river that was coming out of a mountain. They also stopped to fish in Arkansas. While some people are afraid of helicopters, Bryan said he rides in one of the safest versions out there and his pilot has incredible experience so he's not concerned.

Recently there was a video of Bryan holding a fan's baby on stage at his Las Vegas residency. He shared that during his song "All My Friends Say," he goes out into the crowd to interact with fans. During that time one night, he saw a fan holding her few months old baby. He decided to just grab the baby and started singing with it in his arms. He's surprised he didn't get in trouble with the law that night because he just took off with the baby and headed to stage. The mom then had to come up to the stage and get her baby from Bryan. He loved the moment because of all the craziness of a Vegas residency, he got a baby. The video was posted in so many places, even Bryan's 14-year-old son texted him after seeing the video on Instagram to see if he adopted a new baby.

Bryan isn't a big fancy car guy like most would assume given that he's famous. He likes driving a truck, but admitted he did purchase two Dodge HellCat's at one point. He pre-ordered 2 of them, one to keep and one to give to his dad. He only drove it about 10 to 15 times before someone offered him big money for it. His dad still has his to this day. Speaking of cars, Bones asked Bryan to debunk a theory about himself that's been on the Internet. There's a story out there that Bryan got hit by a car when he was in 2nd grade. Turns out, the getting hit by a car part is true. Bryan was in 4th grade and he would usually walk to and from school every morning. There was a crossing guard who would help him safely cross the busy street. On this particular day, Bryan walked his girlfriend to the buses, which made him late to the cross the road to go home. Because he was late, the crossing guard already went home. That's when a school bus pulled up, and put out its stop sign so that Bryan could safely cross. But a car was speeding down the road and blew through the stop sign at the same time Bryan was running to cross the street. So Bryan ended up hitting the side of the car and the side mirror, then he took off and ran home. The principal called him into the office the next day asking him why he was late to cross the road, and ended up getting in-school suspension for being late.

When speaking about his new song "Country On," Bryan shared that he was out in California when the song got sent to him. It really spoke to him about where we are at as a country. He felt recording the song will be uplifting for his fans and really connect to them especially about unifying. Another song that's currently been on the country chart is his collaboration with Jordan Davis called "Buy Dirt." Bryan always said the collaborations he does will be dictated by more than just the person asking him to do them. With the Davis collaboration, Bryan was sent the song and immediately loved it, it spoke to him and all of his time on the farm. Throughout the collaboration, Bryan wanted to be sure Davis was the one who received all of the credit for the project.