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Scotty McCreery Texts Bobby New Version of Song “Dang Strait”

Last week, Scotty McCreery stopped by The Bobby Bones Show.

While talking with Bobby Bones, they were discussing his latest single "Damn Strait." Bones has never been able to announce the song on the show or during the Country Top 30 Countdown because it has a cuss word in the title. A cuss word that Bones doesn't say on or off the air. Bones asked McCreery if he would be willing to record another version of "Damn Strait" that is called "Dang Strait." While Bones was mostly joking with the request, McCreery did record an acoustic version for Bones and he shot it to him over text.

McCreery says in the text "This one is for you Bobby" and then proceeds to sing "Dang Strait." Hear his version in the video above!