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Listener Q&A: Amy & Aubrie Asprec

Bonus Episode!! For this listener-led series, Amy sat down with podcast listener, Aubrie Asprec, and answered a list of questions she came up with! Aubrie is a 27-year-old new mom that lives in Fresno, California and works in Human Resources in the Air Force (her husband is also in the Air Force!!) Aubrie’s questions for Amy: “What book are you reading right now? Or do you have a favorite book that you would recommend? Favorite Starbucks drink right now? What have you learned most about yourself lately? Will George Strait ever come on the podcast? What would you do to prepare for something like that?” Hope you enjoy this little Q&A whether you listen to it on a ‘Sunday Stroll’ {shout out ‘The Walk Thing’ — iykyk!!} or not! :)

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