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Abby Details Her First Solo Vacation in Florida

Phone Screener Abby was convinced by Eddie and Scuba Steve to go on her first solo vacation this past week. She went to the Florida Keys and shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (July 11) that she loved the whole vacation although it was a bit expensive.

She revealed her top 5 most memorable moments as well as her top 5 sketchiest moments. Here were her top 5 most memorable moments:

  1. She met a family, parents and two daughters, at a bar and they invited her to go out with them on a boat the following day.
  2. She heard her national anthem play on the radio for the first time on a Keys radio station.
  3. She met a guy in Miami and ran into him again in the Florida Keys, they went and watched the sunset together. They exchanged phone numbers, but she never heard from him again.
  4. She went on a catamaran for the 4th of July to watch fireworks and fell while on the boat.
  5. She saw Priscilla Block walking down the street.

Then she revealed her top 5 most sketchiest moments, those are below:

  1. Ran into a married listener who kept backing away from her to prove he was not trying to hit on her.
  2. An older guy tried to buy her a drink and take her out on his yacht.
  3. A bouncer at a bar tried to hook up with her.
  4. Every time she sat at a bar by herself, older guys would come up and talk to her.
  5. The guy who she met and he ghosted her.