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Ryan Hurd Was So Star Struck He Couldn’t Talk to Willie Nelson

Bobby Bones shared his Top 5 Country Songs of the Summer and Ryan Hurd's "Pass It On" came in at number 3 on the list. Hurd stopped by the Bobby Bones Show and was very appreciative of Bones for putting his song on the list.

While he was in the studio, Bones asked him a few random questions. He asked Hurd about the most famous person he met and if he got star struck. Hurd went to throw the first pitch at a White Sox game and while he was there, he walked past Frank Thomas. Thomas was Hurd's favorite player growing up, so much so Hurd purchased a signed jersey by Thomas. However, when Hurd saw Thomas he froze. They made eye contact, and Hurd couldn't get any words out. He admitted his mouth was just open in shock. Another person he met and couldn't get any words out was Willie Nelson. That's his favorite artist and Hurd couldn't manage to get any words out to talk to him.

Bones also asked about the first instrument Hurd learned to play. His mom made him take piano lessons. She was obsessed with making sure that he knew how to read music, which he admitted he's never used in his adult life. Though he has used his piano skills on his tour now. Adding that his mom always been really supportive of him, making sure he had all of the instruments he needed. She was super excited when he got his first really nice acoustic guitar.

The last random question Bones asked Hurd is if he had to live with only one CD the rest of his life, what CD would he choose. Hurd said Jimmy Eat World's CD Futures, because it was the last CD that ever got put into his old car.