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Lunchbox Decided Not To Get Trophies for 3-Year-Old’s Soccer Team

Lunchbox's 3-year-old son played soccer for the first time this year and Lunchbox coached the team.

When the season ended, Lunchbox wasn't too proud of how the team did. They played seven games and only won one. He said they were really hard to wrangle and never really showed up in the games. So when he was asked if the team wanted trophies ordered for the season, Lunchbox didn't think twice about it and said no.

The season has been over for a few weeks now, but some parents just got wind that there was an option to get their kids trophies. They sent a group message out to all the parents on the team and asked why their kids had no trophies. Lunchbox responded saying he didn't think they would want trophies to remember such a terrible season and left it at that.