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Reba McEntire Hoping for a ‘Reba’ Reboot To Happen Soon

Reba McEntire just announced her new tour Live In Concert with special guest Terri Clark. She called into the Bobby Bones Show today (July 14) to talk about the tour, plus all the other projects she's working on.

Touring has been really good for McEntire and her entire organization. She told Bobby Bones that even after all of these years, she still craves it. Adding that whenever she tours, she is sure to treat her fans the way she wants to be treated when she's seeing an artist in concert. McEntire makes sure to play all of the hits, or the songs her fans will be familiar with. Normally she will only add one new song to the mix because she knows fans want to hear the songs they can singalong to and remember from years past. She even admitted that regardless of the crowd, she will play an encore and the song will always be her hit "Fancy" because it's the best one to end on for many reasons.

Though music is just one thing Reba is known for, she's also incredibly well known for her acting skills. When asked about the possibility of a Reba reboot happening anytime soon, McEntire admitted they have been trying really hard to make something happen. She wants to work with the cast and crew again and they would love to see it be a reboot or a reunion. Until something happens with Reba, McEntire is working on other projects. She's on her 2nd movie deal with Lifetime, this time doing a movie called The Hammer. The movie is about a real life circuit judge who covers three courthouses in Nevada. McEntire fell in love with the script noting that it's interesting and up-to-date. She also shared that her boyfriend Rex Linn and her fellow Reba castmate Melissa Peterson is in the movie. It's set to be released next year, likely in January as the movie is in its final editing stages now.

It was also announced a few months back that Reba is opening her own restaurant in Oklahoma called Reba's Place. She told Bones that she is in charge of picking out everything from the menu to the color of the decorations. The whole process has been a dream come true for her especially since the restaurant is close to her hometown. And it wouldn't be out of the question for fans to see her sometime up on the stage in the restaurant, she said she may perform a few songs every now and then. Though whenever Reba goes to other restaurants, she admitted she doesn't use a fake name. Adding that using her real name doesn't always result in her getting reservations.