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Dan + Shay Are Working on a Lot of New Things for Fans

Dan + Shay are spending their year touring and working on new projects. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform a few of their big hits and talk about their latest single "You."

Love songs have been the theme for Dan + Shay lately. They admitted those songs really work for their sound and they feel fortunate to have a lot of wedding songs for their fans. When the duo first got back together as the COVID pandemic restrictions were being lifted, they wrote "I Should Probably Go To Bed." The song was a follow up release to their collaboration with Justin Bieber on "10,000 Hours." While they've had a lot of big moments, Bobby Bones wanted to know if "From The Ground Up" being released was the biggest peak of their career. They said it was definitely a huge moment for them. Their entire label got behind the song despite having a bad demo. They realized that their team and fans alike really just loved the lyrics of the song.

Both Dan and Shay recently celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversaries. When asked for advice on marriage, the two suggested open communication. Dan added that he and his wife never let things fester, they always try to talk about things to avoid emotions being bottled up. They both appreciate the Nashville touring scene because it's a healthy situation that allows them to have family time often. They will go out on tour for the weekend and then come back for the week to spend time with their loved ones.

The guys are working on new music and admitted "a lot is coming," but that was all they could share. Right now they're also focused on touring with Kenny Chesney. They've been one of his openers on his arena tour and said it's been a dream come true. Adding that the arena tours are different from playing theaters because theaters allow for more close-up interaction with the fans. Where as at arena shows, they feel the love on a massive scale, it's just not as personal.

While on the show, Dan + Shay performed a few of their big hits "From The Ground Up" and "Nothing Like You."