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Bobby Shares Acting Opportunity for Lunchbox

Bobby Bones revealed that he and Scuba Steve have been working for several months on an opportunity for someone on the Bobby Bones Show.

After some elimination, Bones revealed that Lunchbox has an opportunity to audition for a TV show. He said there is no guarantee that Lunchbox would get the role, but he will get some time off to audition for it. Bones said that he and Scuba Steve have been working with some people to make it happen. Lunchbox was thrilled about the idea and wanted to text his wife about the exciting news right away. Though Bones made sure to keep reminding him he has to audition for the role, he won't just automatically get it.

There were little details Bones and Scuba could reveal about the role, besides that Lunchbox will have to go to a big city for the audition. They will share some more details at the end of the month.