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Gray Robinson Got Publishing Deal After Last Appearance on the Show

Back in 2021, Bobby Bones brought four future TikTok stars on The Bobby Bones Show to perform and showcase their talents. One of those individual's was Gray Robinson.

When she was on for the showcase, she performed a cover of "Bubbly," and her original song "Happy." Today (July 21), Robinson came back on for the first time since her last appearance. When she was on our show in 2021, she was still in college and newly engaged. Now she has since graduated and gotten married. Robinson and her husband got married in Virginia and she revealed they both cried during their vows. Also right after her appearance in 2021, Robinson received a publishing deal which was a huge moment for her.

Currently she has two new songs out, one of them being "Fireworks" which she performed on the show. Fans have asked her why both of the songs are about breakups when she is happily married. She confessed that she's a writer first and since she had been through breakups before, she was able to write about it and create the story.

Watch Gray Robinson's performance of "Fireworks" below.