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Catie Offerman Recalls Growing Up in Texas & Learning Instruments

Catie Offerman stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her career this morning (July 22).

At one point in her music journey, Offerman played in a polka band. And she's skilled at playing an accordion and a fiddle. Growing up in Texas, Offerman was home schooled. She recalled having to wake up every morning to run a mile down her driveway with her parents and then they would go work on the farm. She'd be done with farm work by noon and then work on her stuff for school. Offerman didn't find her voice until she was older, adding that she thinks God gifted her with only 10 good notes.

Offerman has her Grand Ole Opry debut coming up on September 2nd. Her whole family plans to be in attendance, including some of her dad's friends. She recalled sitting on her grandparents' porch growing up and they would listen to the Opry, so it feels like this is her full circle moment. Adding that she knows they will be watching her from above during her performance.

She currently has a song called "Happyland Trailer Park" out. The song was written during the middle of the COVID pandemic, and Offerman wanted people to find the things that made them happy. She believes everyone has a different definition of "the good stuff" and this song encourages them to find that. When she heard the song play on the Women of iHeartCountry show for the first time, it meant a lot for her to hear it on the radio.