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Lunchbox DMs Amy’s Sister To Get On Her TV Show

During this week's What's The Haps on The Bobby Bones Show, Lunchbox revealed his genius plan to get on TV and get the roof on his house fixed. Today (July 22), he put his plan into action.

Lunchbox's roof is messed up after a tree branch fell on it during a storm and left several massive holes. It's been over a month and he hasn't been able to get anyone out to fix it. So he thought of an idea to get his roof fixed and be on TV, which is his lifelong dream. He wanted to be on Amy's sister's TV show Building Roots, which just had its first season on HGTV. Even though he's claimed several times on the show that Building Roots isn't that good.

He asked Amy for her sister Cristi number and she refused to give it to him. So he decided to get her number in a sneaky way. He DM'ed Cristi on Instagram and said he needs her number for a surprise for Amy. Cristi of course gave him her number. When he called her though, it was to tell her about his plan. Lunchbox told Cristi that he wanted her to pitch to the producers that they had a celebrity willing to be on their show if they got renewed for a second season. He thinks that it would benefit them and in return he would get to be on TV and get his roof fixed. He also said they could do some other projects on the house while they were there.

Cristi reluctantly said "okay" all while laughing at Lunchbox's idea.