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Eddie Wants To Put Basketball Hoop in Neighbors’ Cul De Sac

Eddie shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (July 24) that his boys really want them to purchase a basketball hoop.

But since their driveway is on a significant slant, Eddie said they wouldn't be able to put one there. He told the boys to go ask their five neighbors in the cul de sac to see if they're ok with a basketball hoop being put in the street in front of their houses. Eddie said he would pay for everything and any kid in the area could use it. The boys said it was too embarrassing to ask the neighbors for that, but Eddie told them he wouldn't ask the neighbors for them. If this is something they really wanted, they had to go ask the neighbors for their permission.

The show told Eddie the neighbors likely weren't going to agree to the basketball hoop and he needed to have permission from all 5 neighbors, not just a few of them. He said for now, the boys are too embarrassed to ask but he's going to encourage them to give it a try.