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George Birge Shared How Clay Walker Pushed Him To Get On TikTok

George Birge has been blowing up on TikTok thanks to his viral song "Beer Beer, Truck Truck." He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (July 25) to share the story behind the viral song and perform it as well as a Gary Allan cover.

It was almost as if the stars were perfectly aligned. Birge recalled Clay Walker invited him over to his house for a write. He told Walker that he didn't think he was going to do the artist thing anymore, because he had tried everything and it just didn't work. Walker encouraged him not to give up and told him he needed to put his songs out on TikTok. Birge remembered rolling his eyes at Walker's advice, but when he got home and processed it, he downloaded the app to give it one last try. The first thing he did was check out the country music hashtag and saw the viral video of the girl talking about how country music is all "beer, beer, truck, truck, girls in tight jeans." He was inspired by it and wrote a verse and chorus in response to it. He focused on the redeeming things he loved about country music. Then he posted it and went to dinner not thinking much about it. 3 hours later, it was going viral. When he opened the app back up he was already at 20,000 followers and the video was blowing up. He said the stars just aligned and it's "one of those stories you can't just make up."

Birge was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He didn't live anywhere else until he moved to Nashville at the end of 2014 to pursue music full time. Though he never thought he would play music as a career, he just loved music growing up. Right out of college he worked in commercial real estate and would spend his free time rehearsing and performing shows on Friday and Saturday nights in Austin. The shows started as just friends showing up to watch and then he was packing out local venues. A guy who worked in radio heard him, loved him and mailed his demo to Nashville. A couple of "lucky breaks" and Birge headed to Nashville. But it wasn't until "Beer Beer, Truck Truck" blew up that Birge got his first record deal. Since then things have been wild for him, he's opened up for artists like Jake Owen, Brantley Gilbert, and Gary Allan.

Recently, Birge released a new song called "Mind On You." It was a song he had written with Colt Ford when he was on the verge of not doing the whole artist thing and just focused on writing songs. Ford didn't want to record it, so they sent it to Jason Aldean. His whole team wrote back asking them not to play it for anyone else because Aldean wanted to put it on hold for his next album. But after "Beer Beer, Truck Truck" blew up and Birge got his record deal, his record label told him that "Mind On You" was going to be Birge's big hit and he needed to be the one to record it. So he remembered going back to Aldean's team and asking for the song back, and thankfully they gave it back to him and were really excited for him and the opportunities he was receiving.

His self-titled EP is out now, and he finished his debut album. Birge just got the mixes in yesterday for it, and he admitted he's so excited about it that he has already had it on repeat a hundred times. They should be releasing his debut album this fall.

While Birge was in the studio, he performed his viral song "Beer Beer, Truck Truck," his new song "Mind On You," as well as a cover of Gary Allan's "It Would Be You."