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Tyler Hubbard Addresses Florida Georgia Line Split on BobbyCast

Tyler Hubbard stopped by Bobby Bones BobbyCast this week. During the interview, he opened up about Florida Georgia Line's break up, and his solo career now.

Bones asked Hubbard the question all fans have been wanting to know, if FGL broke up because of political differences. Hubbard said that their break up wasn't political at all, but people assigned it to that because they wanted a reason. Adding that the issues were actually within the band and Brian Kelley didn't want to talk about what was going on even though Hubbard did. Kelley is the one who initiated them going solo. Though there isn't bad blood between the two of them. Hubbard shared that he and Kelley still get along and quickly shut down any rumors that they hate each other. While they don't hang out on the weekends, Hubbard still loves Kelley and said he's "like a brother" to him. They never fought on a personal level, the break up of the band was really because they both wanted to have some individuality after doing FGL for 10 years.

FGL's last few dates together are this September, but after that they are done. Hubbard said they might revisit getting the duo back together 10 to 15 years down the line, but after September they will not being doing any dates together. Not even if they were offered $1 million to play a wedding.

Now Hubbard is feeling the pressure of going solo. He admitted it's hard not having another member to rely on while on stage and not having the FGL name recognition on songs. Hubbard has thought about going by a stage name, but decided to just use his personal name. Though there is benefits to being a solo act, Hubbard said there were some FGL songs that he wasn't proud of and likely wouldn't have signed off on if they were listed as "Tyler Hubbard" solo songs. He also has gotten an entirely new team, he's not with the same label or management as he once was with FGL. He wanted to have some fresh eyes on his solo career, which is why he found a home with Universal Nashville. His first full length solo album is coming next year, and Hubbard said he will be releasing songs from it throughout the fall to coincide with the tour where he's opening up for Keith Urban. His set as the opening act will be his new songs, and he's still trying to decide whether or not to play FGL songs.

Hubbard did reminisce on some FGL days with Bones. He recalled having $12 in his bank account while recording their mega hit song "Cruise." Hubbard had no idea how big the song was going to be, but he remembers leaving the studio that day and seeing only $12 in his bank account. At the time, he was detailing cars to make ends meet while performing some shows with Kelley on the side. In the more successful time of their career, Hubbard remembered being gifted a motorcycle by Garth Brooks. They had worked on a project with Brooks and as a thanks, Brooks drove up to Music Row with a trailer and dropped off a motorcycle for Hubbard and a jeep for Kelley.