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Randy Houser Shared the Jobs He Had Before Moving to Nashville at 26

Randy Houser's upcoming album Note To Self is coming out in November. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new music and perform the title track of his new project "Note To Self."

Several years ago when Bobby Bones Show first came to Nashville, Houser was one of the first few guests to stop by. He brought a goat with him and it peed in the studio. Houser admitted that he had no idea why his management had him bring a goat in, and he didn't know it was happening until he got to the studio. Besides being dubbed the goat guy, Houser is known for his stylish hats. He told Bones the look is inspired by the men in his family who wore their cowboy hats on the farm, but they would shape them like fedora hats. So Stetson makes the cowboy hat shaped like a fedora hat custom for him to wear when he's out touring. Whenever he's working on the farm, he rocks his straw hats.

Houser's sixth studio album Note To Self will be out on November 11th. He co-wrote on every song that's on this new project. "Still That Cowboy" is a song that's about Houser's wife. He said the idea for the song came when she was sleeping and he was watching her sleep. He was thinking about what she was dreaming about and hoped it was him. He thought it would make a great song, so he got together with some co-writers and wrote it 2 days later. "Workin Man" is a song Houser co-wrote with Randy Montana. When Bones asked Houser about all the places he worked before becoming a musician, he had plenty. He started off by working in the poultry industry because he grew up raising chickens, after that he was a bus boy at a restaurant, worked at Lazy Boy driving a forklift, worked at a steel mill and then a music store before finally moving to Nashville when he was 26-years-old. Houser loves his career now, but admitted he hated every job he ever had until he was playing music for a living. Whenever Houser writes songs, he keeps notes of his ideas in his phone. Sometimes he will hum things into his phone's voice recorder as well to not forget an idea. He's not one of those artists who writes all the time, his writing happens in seasons. And it particularly doesn't happen when he's out on the road, that's not his style.

While most artists spent the pandemic time on TikTok, Houser confessed he's not a huge fan of TikTok for himself. He likes watching everyone's, but doesn't want to create any for his socials. Though the pandemic did make him be at home more, which allowed him to experience some firsts with his son Huckleberry. Adding that it was a cool experience in a lot of ways, but also hard in others.

Watch Randy Houser's performance of Note To Self below.