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Funny Incident With Paparazzi Happened to Bobby While in New York

Bobby Bones stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna yesterday (July 26) to talk about the new TV show he's hosting Snake In The Grass.

While he was on with them, he revealed something that happened to him and his wife Caitlin when they arrived at the show. Whenever guests show up to the building for the show, there's paparazzi waiting outside to take photos of the celebrity guests. When Bones and Caitlin got there, they assumed that Caitlin was the one they needed to take photos of because she looked like a supermodel. Bones recalled the situation on The Bobby Bones Show (July 27) that just when he started to think he was doing well, this humbling experience happened. And Caitlin felt awkward about the whole thing because she didn't want pictures taken of her. Watch Bones talk about the whole situation here.

Bones new TV show Snake In The Grass premieres August 1st at 11/10c on USA Network!