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Eddie Received Money in the Mail From Uber Driver

A few weeks ago Eddie told us about an Uber he took and the driver took his family to the opposite direction of town.

Since the Uber driver took Eddie and his family to another area of town, Uber charged him $20 more than what was originally quoted. Eddie had tried to point out to the Uber driver what was happening, but he didn't listen until it was too late. When they had finally arrived at Eddie's house, the driver said he was going to note it with Uber, but sometimes they take forever. So the Uber driver took a picture of Eddie's address and said he's going to mail a check to him. The Bobby Bones Show believed Eddie would never see anything from the Uber driver, but he was still hopeful the driver would keep his word.

Fast forward to today (July 28), Eddie shared an update. He found an envelope in his mailbox that had $20 in it!