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Lunchbox Sold First Items From His Storage Unit With Bobby

It's been several weeks since Bobby and Lunchbox went into business together for the first time and then revealed some of the contents of their first purchased storage unit.

Their company is known as "Boxing Bob Inc" where they buy storage units and sell the stuff found inside to make a profit. They purchased their first storage unit for $237 a few months ago, and they felt good about it because in the photos online they saw several new pairs of hot commodity shoes like Jordans and Nikes. Lunchbox finally figured out how to get them listed for sale online and for a competitive price. He shared an update today (July 29) on the Bobby Bones Show that he sold two pairs of the shoes already and they've made $260! Which is more than what they purchased the unit for, so they've at least broken even. They still have more pairs of shoes to sell along with some clothes and other items. So this is just the beginning of their profits.