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Bobby Has New Technique Whenever He’s Tired of “Small Talk”

Bobby Bones is not a big fan of small talk, so much so he tries to avoid it whenever possible.

Recently, he was at breakfast with his wife Caitlin when they ran into a couple they knew. It was a small spot, so it was unavoidable to run into them and have a conversation. Bones said he likes them, but he hadn't eaten all morning and was excited to get inside. The wives started talking and Bones started talking to the other guy, but when there was a lull in their conversation Bones said something people don't hear often. He said, "Well I think I've said all I need to say, let's go join their conversation" in referring to the wives. The other guy was a little stunned, but acknowledged it and they quickly went about their way to get breakfast.

While it may feel awkward, Bones said he knows what he wants socially and small talk isn't his thing. So he's newly started saying "Well I think I've said all I need to say" whenever lulls in the conversation happen so that he doesn't have to continue having small talk. Amy and Eddie were intrigued by the new way of ending a conversation, meanwhile Lunchbox thought it was genius because it was straight to the point.