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Eddie Thinks the Girls on the Show Only Dress Up for Artist Appearances

Eddie called out some show members today after Cody Johnson made a guest appearance.

He claims that Morgan and phone screener Abby only dress up whenever good looking guy artists stop by the studio. He said whenever it's just the show in studio, they are not all dolled up. Lunchbox agreed with Eddie, adding that they really dress it up as if they're going to hit on the artists or try and get their numbers.

Morgan and Abby defended themselves saying they will always dress more presentable whenever anyone comes into the studio, not just guy artists. They added that they actually dress up even more for the women artists because women pay attention to outfits more than men. Bobby and Amy defended the girls noting that Eddie and Lunchbox never dress or look presentable any day of the week. They are both always rocking sweatshirts and hats.