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Eddie Interviews Minister From Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Wedding

Ryan Wolf is the pastor who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. He listens to the Bobby Bones Show in Vegas and reached out to Eddie via direct message to let him know that the show is the only radio outlet he wanted to talk to about the service.

Wolf is a minister at The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Some people may know the famous spot from movies like The Hangover. He is actually a pastor at a church in town, but does the work at The Little White Chapel as his side gig. He recalled the night they came in sharing he had just finished up his 5th wedding at about 9:00 p.m. It was only Wolf and the Chapel's coordinator there when they pulled up in an escalade. They asked him if he had time to do one more and he said yes.

The Little White Chapel did not charge them anything extra just because it was Lopez and Affleck. They were charged the usual base fee of $75 for the chapel. Wolf admitted they took care of him at the end with some extra cash, but wouldn't share the exact amount. He did note it was "less than a few thousand." Wolf said the wedding was really cool to be there with them, and they each brought one of their kids along for the ceremony. He also shared that the two of them really do love and care for one another, it was a very serious ceremony and they exchanged their own vows. They cried and laughed a lot throughout the whole thing.

At the end of the wedding, Wolf asked to take a photo with them. He told them they could take it on their phone and send it to him whenever the news was out, but he's still waiting for them to send the photo.