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Morgan Gets Hilarious Responses From Show Text Thread After Her Car Died

This week Morgan's jeep died while it was in a parking garage near The Bobby Bones Show studios.

It was during the middle of the day and everyone was still at work. Since the show was already done with the morning show, she decided to reach out through the show's text thread to see if anyone was able to come jump her car. Which didn't come without some sarcastic responses. Some of the producers of the show were willing to help, but they weren't close by. Scuba Steve offered to help, but he didn't have his cables with him. Eddie didn't respond at all. Then Lunchbox responded "I have cables, but I'm on my bike." To which Raymundo responded "I have cables, but may break down getting to you."

Thankfully Mike D was close by, had cables, and didn't make up an excuse. He went to help Morgan out and was the hero of the day. Mike D was able to jump her car and Morgan was able to get her battery replaced without any other issues.