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The Show Draws From a Hat, Places Bet on NFL Team for Super Bowl

The Bobby Bones Show loves to make bets and make some money while they're at it. From the dice game to other random games, Bobby Bones loves to have the show members play for money because it makes things super interesting.

Raymundo pitched the idea that all of the show should go in on a Super Bowl bet. So every show member picked a NFL team, venmo'ed Bones $50 and all of those teams were placed in a hat. Bones drew from the hat to determine who the show's bet would go on. These were the teams in the hat:

After a few drawings and tossing: Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, and 1 of the Dallas Cowboys slips were removed from the hat. During the 4th pull, they determined that would be the team the $500 bet would be placed on. It happened to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So now the show has the possibility to make $4,000 if the Buccaneers win this season's Super Bowl.