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Lunchbox Getting Nightmares From Bobby’s New TV Show ‘Snake In The Grass’

Lunchbox has been watching Bobby Bones' new TV show Snake In The Grass.

The show is a reality competition where 4 contestants each week try to determine which one of them is the snake. The show has nothing to do with snakes, however there are some snakes that appear throughout the show. Lunchbox is deathly afraid of snakes, anything involving them totally freaks him out. So watching the show has been challenging for him. He has been managing through it despite his fears, but woke up the last few nights with nightmares because of it.

He said one of the nightmares was him setting at a stoplight and a snake slithering over him, and then multiple snakes appeared. He freaked out and woke up. So he still wants all of the listeners to watch Snake In The Grass, but he's not sure he will be able to anymore. All because of the snakes.