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Abby Performs for First Time on Broadway in Nashville

Phone Screener Abby has officially made her Nashville Broadway debut!

Before joining the Bobby Bones Show, Abby originally moved to Nashville to pursue a music career. Life happened and she found some other jobs along the way while being in Nashville. But her love for singing never went away and her love for performing has been reignited. She told the show recently that she joined a band. Their first gig got cancelled after the other lead singer had a sore throat.

But finally this past Sunday (August 7), she performed for 4 hours at Alan Jackson's bar on the famous Broadway strip in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Many hopeful musicians get their start by performing at bars all over Broadway, so this accomplishment is a big deal for an inspiring artist.

Abby shared that Morgan and producer Kevin showed up to support her as well as some of her other close friends, which she really loved. She sang a lot of songs with her bandmate. He played the guitar the entire time, and they would trade off singing a song. Abby sang some Shania Twain, Jo Dee Messina, and Martina McBride, along with several other classics. She acknowledged that she messed up a lot and would draw attention to it in hopes of making fun of herself. Overall she was proud of her herself and can't wait to do it again.