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Bobby Bones Announces New Football Podcast ‘25 Whistles'

Bobby Bones announced a new football podcast! He has "come out of retirement" to do the new podcast 25 Whistles with Bobby Bones (A Football Podcast) with DraftKings.

25 Whistles is a weekly 25-episode timely limited series focused strictly on college and NFL football. There will be new episodes every Friday starting from August 12th until the Super Bowl. Host Bobby Bones brings on his sports obsessed friends: Adam Hambrick (singer-songwriter / musician) and Kickoff Kevin (segment producer and on-air news reporter) and Producer Eddie. It will be a podcast unlike any other show...but just like all the rest!

The show will cover the weekly happenings in the world of professional and college football with expert guests, commenting, criticizing, and confessing weekly picks. You can not only expect the sport’s biggest stars to join Bones on the show, but also country music artist’s most rabid sports fans! The show will be timely, funny, and dedicated to all things football. We won’t be breaking down any Cover 3 defensive schemes, but we will be giving you the best in NFL and college football each week.

Benchmark segments include: The Lame-O of the Week, Eddie’s 5 Second Cowboy Report, and The Pay Day Guarantee where we promise whatever money you lose, we will pay you back…except not really!