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Bobby Shares Some Recent Rejected Segments

On The Bobby Bones Show today (August 8), the fan favorite Rejected Segments went down. It's where Bobby Bones shares the segments he rejected from being talked about on air for a variety of reasons.

All of the rejected segments included today were from Eddie, Lunchbox, and Mike D. The rest of the show's segments didn't make the rejected segments list, they were just rejected entirely.

  1. Mike D wanted to play a game called "what happened to this country artist…" where we try to guess what happened to a famous artist that disappeared from the public.
  2. Lunchbox wanted to talk about how he is worried about the future of society after seeing a family wear matching swimsuits to the pool for fun. 
  3. Lunchbox wants work to pay for a massive pizza delivery. He saw a news story where someone ordered one with over 20 toppings, so now he wants to do it.
  4. The return of 'Will It Uber' where Lunchbox has to go to the hospital with Monkey Pox or he rides in one with a fart machine. ***Some negations on air mean this one may actually return.***
  5. Eddie wanted to talk about his plants and a plant app he found that tells him all the details about his garden.

And a bonus rejected segment was Lunchbox wanting to be an Elvis impersonator. He recorded some audio of him saying classic Elvis catchphrases, and Eddie made a game out of it guessing if it was Lunchbox or Elvis.