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Movie Mike: Brad Pitt Still Has It in “Bullet Train” But Is It Enough?

Brad Pitt is 58-years-old and just proved that he still has that A-list star quality as Bullet Train brought in over $30 million over the weekend. 

The movie is about 5 assassins who get on a train and are all on a mission to get the same briefcase. As the story progresses, you find out how all of their stories are intertwined. Brad Pitt plays an unlucky assassin named Lady Bug. He is one of the best character actors in Hollywood making this comedic character as 3-D as possible. He even drew from real life experience to make his character seem more realistic. He even committed himself to performing 95% of the stunts. He may not be jumping from one building to another but a feat nonetheless!

This movie wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ll warn you, it’s a bit of an acquired taste and not your straight on action movie. There’s a good amount of comedy mixed in. It’s like Deadpool and Kill Bill put together with a dash of John Wick. So if blood makes you queasy, probably not for you. Director David Leitch was Brad Pitts’s stunt double in movies such as Fight Club, Troy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith so it was cool seeing him on the other side of the camera as Pitt’s boss. The action and comedy may seem cheesy because it is VERY over the top but I believe (or hope) that’s on purpose! 

It also has a stellar supporting cast. Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor Johnson should have a prequel series of their own. Joey King played a great devious character. But Bad Bunny’s character had to be my favorite. It was pretty cool to see him on the big screen! There are also some surprise cameos in there. The movie is a good (not great) wind down to the summer blockbuster season. Though the characters Lemon and Tangerine were pretty solid… I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this movie if it weren’t for Brad Pitt’s character. It’s nothing you have to see in theaters unless you are a huge Brad Pitt fan or looking for some blood, guys and laughs. It seems an A-lister can still only take a movie so far.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stabs to the neck.