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Lunchbox Practices for His Audition by Singing at Drive-Thrus

Lunchbox went to some drive-thrus to test his singing skills before his big acting audition tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Lunchbox is auditioning for the director of Bat Out Of Hell in Las Vegas. In the audition he will have to sing a few verses in a song, though he's never really sang before and he doesn't quite have a lot of rhythm. So he went to some drive-thrus to test his musical singing abilities. The drive thru employees weren't blown away by Lunchbox's voice, but they also didn't say he couldn't make it. Besides one employee who suggested he is terrible and he won't do good at all. But the show thinks she was just irritated because Lunchbox showed up when they were closing.

Listen above to Lunchbox's skills before his big day!