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Botox & Body Image: Am I A Fraud If I Get Botox? (Part 1)

“Am I a fraud if I get botox?” That is the question Dylan Murphy (@DylanMurphy.rd) has been asking herself the last few months. She helps clients with their body image every day…so she was conflicted when it crossed her mind to get botox for the first time. In this episode Dylan and Amy talk about botox & other cosmetic work from the right mindset → doing it to feel more confident vs. doing it because without it your body image is negative. They also cover the role social media plays in body image/desire for botox, choosing cosmetic procedures for the right reasons, & finding friends who will be honest with you. 


“Botox & Body Image: Creating Confidence & Answering Your Questions with The Nashville Beauty Girl (Part 2)” will be released tomorrow (8/12). 


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Dylan Murphy is a Registered Dietitian and founder of FREE Method Nutrition, a virtual nutrition practice that exists to empower women to have confidence in their body, clarity in their food choices and consistency in their health habits. Dylan and her team of Registered Dietitians support their clients through nutrition coaching in 1:1 and group settings, as well as online courses. Dylan hosts the FREE Method Podcast, where she hosts meaningful conversations on topics such as intuitive eating, realistic motherhood, body image and wellness.




Instagram: @dylanmurphy.rd and @freemethodnutrition

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