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Amy’s Son Turns 12-Years-Old & Her Daughter Heads to High School

Amy shared an update on her kids during The Bobby Bones Show (August 11) today.

Several years ago Amy met her son when he was only 2 1/2 years old, but at that point they weren't matched for adoption. Her and her husband adopted him when he was 7-years-old, and yesterday he just turned 12-years-old. Amy got him several gifts for his birthday, including some football items and other things he's excited about. He really wanted a drum set, so Amy found him a drum pad on Amazon that he can plug headphones in. She wondered if the gift was lame since it wasn't a complete drum set, but Bobby Bones said it's cool. Though she will likely have to get him a drum kit at some point if he enjoys the drum pad. Amy's daughter Stachira got him a gift as well, it was a card with a coupon in it. The coupon was to hang out with her anytime he wanted, and he loved it.

As for Stachira, she is off to high school this year. Amy is super pumped for this new era for her, Stachira said she felt 50% nervous about it and 50% excited. Though something did happen right before school started, Amy found her over the trash can with scissors, cutting off all of her hair. Amy took her to the hair salon and they were able to put braids in, though they didn't have much hair to work with.